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Smart Technologies is a leader in transforming and securing enterprise-class IT, on a global scale. Smart Technologies sets the standard for IT deployments with advanced offerings that deliver the scale, security and reliability necessary to meet the demanding requirements of enterprises around the world. With a team of red cape wearing professionals, Smart Technologies is helping enterprise and government executives realize the power and promise of their own investments today.

“The story of beginning of my journey with Smart Technologies needs to be told.

As a first time entrepreneur, with a master in Computers and MBA, I tried to bring all my 15 years of experience in different markets and companies and rear a company that could reflect a Startup with a fresher approach on the technology market. Luckily, I was blessed to have great mentorship crossing my path and that towards me to a vision of success and believing.

The vision for Smart Technologies it was always to have a relationship of Collaboration - agile, dynamic and straight to ground, that was always our focus. Side by side guiding on the solutions and providing services to customers.

Smart Technologies are now present in more than 5 countries within Europe, with collaborative projects in different IT theatres. From Financial, Telco, Industry and banks, we are agnostic on markets, brands and technologies. Our secret sauce is our flexibility and knowledge.

I can now recognize we have a very successful team who take our business performance to the next level. With all’s team help we strengthen our areas of action. We use everyone’s help and support, exceeded our improvement expectations and had fun!

After all this time, I can identify one important ingredient, what real matters is our spike, our grit and our will power.”

“When a bird learns to fly, it knows more about courage than about flying”

Luís Boleto
CEO & Co-Founder

Let’s meet our Smarteam

  • “My name is Aline, I have a degree in Accounting Science and I am the Financial Controller at Smart. I am living in Portugal over a year. Being part of the Smart Technologies is getting an experience of a light and full of energy environment . It has been an incredible experience and very valuable for my personal and professional growth. Here I have the freedom, confidence and autonomy to develop my work. Each employee is valued, recognized and motivated, making us grow together and this gives us a lot of satisfaction. May many years of success come and may Smart only grow!”      
    Aline Araujo
    Financial Controller
  • “Hello, I'm Gonçalo, I'm 23 years old, I have a degree in Information Systems Management and I'm an ITSM Consultant at Smart Technologies , I joined Smart in May 2022. Smart is a company where core business is specialization in IT consulting, with that said, I am working in projects both remote and onsite client - our main area of services provided ​​are IT Service Management. Smart distinguishes itself from the others in the concern/care and help provided to employees when they are in projects on customer facilities and also remote. There is always a continuous concern in the training of employees, which allows us to be up to date with technology trends. Since I joined Smart I managed to learn several technologies that have been very useful to me during the project phase. On a personal level it has been very good to be able to leave my comfort zone and working internationally with people from other cultures, which has put english and soft skills to the test and made me grow as a person.”      
    Gonçalo Marçalo
    ITSM Consultant
  • “My name is Mónica Libânio and I am the Business Developer of Smart Technologies. I joined this wonderful team, embracing a huge challenge both personally and professionally. I completely left my comfort area and although I already have a few months in this role, I still find some difficulties that are dispelled by the team. I hope to gradually reach the expectations for the position and that together we can grow even more.”      
    Mónica Libânio
    Business Developer
  • “Eng.º Weza Santos, IT service management consultant, I saw in this company an opportunity for professional growth as well as personally, because I admire each colleague who contributed with dedication in the formation of me and of this small and large company that opens doors to new knowledge. My biggest personal challenge was to temporarily leave the family to work abroad, professionally face almost daily unforeseen circumstances to adapt to a new life which was not routine for me. In this sense, I can say that it is very positive for learning.”      
    Weza Santos
    ITSM Consultant
  • ”I´m Carla and I work as HR and Back office Controller at Smart Technologies since the beginning of 2021. In the middle of the Pandemic I accepted the challenge to join this young company, and an equally young team full of grit and help spirit! I felt welcomed by this little big family! I want to be able to always be up to the trust they have placed in me, and to be able to give back by giving my best as a professional and as a person... Because Smart Technologies is made up of great professionals but also of great human beings!”
    Carla Caeiro
    HR & Back Office Controller
  • “My history with Smart Technologies started with previous work collaboration with Luis Boleto. My background come from human capital and business development inside technology market and leveraging all my previous experience, I brought all my knowledge to Smart Technologies. I have accepted Luis invitation to join Smart Technologies project and together with him we have a built a successful company with values of excellence where we combine best deal delivery customer services and a fast pace work environment. I am felling extremely fortunate to be part of Smart Technologies family and receiving immeasurable satisfaction from this project and with joy seeing team growing at speed and a lot of intangible help. Looking forward to participate and helping Smart Technologies continuous growth and success, participating with my help and guidance in Smart Technologies journey.”      
    Ana Bilro
    Business Developer & Co-Founder
  • Bruno Reis
    “Hello, I’m Bruno Reis, I’m specifically trained in the area of Telecommunications and Networks and I am ITSM - Security Consultant at Smart Technologies since 2018. I’m currently cooperating in a project, in Belgium, related to the monitoring of network infrastructures. The Smart Technologies is a dynamic company, with extensive experience in ITSM, with a robust and well-structured management that constantly observes the needs of the market, where it seeks to fit its offers. This company bet on my knowledge, and helped me to develop professionally in interesting areas , such as Cyber Security and ITSM, gaining professional and cultural experience when I find myself in external projects.”      
    Bruno Reis
    ITSM Consultant
  • My name is Edilene Camargo, Brazilian, I'm 52 years old, I was a back-office controller (expenses control, business management) at Smart Technologies for two years. I was proud to be part of a serious team, that has been growing fast and with very successful in its field.”
    Edilene Camargo
    Back Office Controller
  • ”My name is Eduardo Ferreira. I finished my law degree at the International University of Lisbon, in October 1997. After completing the internship at the Portuguese Bar Association, in February 2000, which enabled me to practice law, I started on the business law branch. At this moment, I collaborate legally on a permanent basis with around 20 entities in the business, associative, and sports fields. In 2018 I started the collaboration with Smart Technologies, due to a challenge that was proposed to me by the CEO of the company, Luís Boleto. It is a company with an efficient capacity to respond to the needs of its customers, which has rigorous and efficient management, without ever losing a close relationship with its employees. With the knowledge I have of the market, I can say with great certainty that Smart Technologies is currently at the forefront of companies that are at their dimensional level, a fact that in the medium term will place it at a very acceptable level in their sector of activity.”  
    Eduardo Ferreira
  • “Hi! I’m João Silva, I work at this company for over a year now, and currently I have the role of IT Consultant. This company by my standards works in a dynamic way, which means that we can adapt to any problem with a good methodology, and a full proof plan beforehand. From my experience, this company excels at communication and helping, as long as you are dedicated and committed. As well as the fact that everyone here knows each other, this doesn’t happen a lot in the big companies. The biggest challenge I had, was in France last year working on a project. It was the first time I left the country, and the first time I lived alone. That put a lot of pressure on my shoulders. But, fortunately, I had my company and my colleagues behind my back, to support all my steps and needs. I couldn’t ask for better support.”  
    João Silva
    ITSM Consultant
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